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A Note about Mathematics Scores

This year the state of Virginia has transitioned to new, more rigorous, mathematics Standards of Learning tests.  Because of the increased rigor of the assessments, there have been more students experiencing difficulty with the new mathematics tests.  For additional information, please refer to this press release from the Virginia Department of Education:

For the best information concerning your child's Standards of Learning Test scores, please use the Virginia Department of Education's resources.

Instructional Math Videos for Teachers - If you are stuck concerning how to help your child with a math concept, these videos prepared by the state department for teachers may be of use to you.

Math Card Sorts for Vocabulary
For students to be successful in math, they need to know the vocabulary for their grade level. Below you will find card sorts that will help you and your child practice the vocabulary they need to know for their grade level. Open the file and print the pages. You and your child need to cut the cards apart. Your child should be able to match the words with the pictures or examples. The little numbers in the corner of the cards will help you check for accuracy.

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